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Manito Park has been a central park attraction located in the South Hill neighborhood of Spokane Washington for many years. Once sporting even a zoo, Manito has grown and changed with the times and community. Now this regal park is an attractive place to take in the beauty of this area, relax with friends, throw an outdoor party, feed the ducks, bicycle, jog, hike and more.

Great for all ages, Manito Park is a 90 acre park with something for everyone, including tennis courts, multiple playgrounds, baseball field, and picnic spots. Not to mention some of the most beautiful manicured gardens in the Pacific Northwest.



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Roses Need Attention Right Now! 

From Spokesman Review Article 10/31/08 by Susan Mulvhill 

A Manito Proposal 

Marriage Proposal at Manito Park 

Manito Park Rose Garden 

Rose Hill Garden at Manito Park 

Manito's Perennial Garden 

A Brief History 

Manito Park News Reports Manito Park Reports

Our Final Paragraph From This Little Book... 

Manito Upper Playground and Greenhouse Explained 

We Explore 5 More Venues of Manito Park 

The stories of Rose Hill and Nishinomiya Garden 

We're Almost Done With Our Adventure... 

Where Did the Duck Pond Come From? 

E.C. Balzer is "Excused" - Who's Next? 

More About the Demise of E.C. Balzer 

Manito's Zoo is a Blessing & a Curse - It Closes! 

A Verbal Picture of the Zoo at Manito Park  


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