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Manito Park Rose Garden 

Rose Hill Garden at Manito Park 
The crown jewel of Manito Park is arguably the Rose Hill Garden. Staged atop a gentle hill inside the park, the Rose Hill Garden is packed with a wide variety of roses in all colors and sizes. Grounds crews have meticulously maintained the garden all Summer and now as we begin the slide into the Autumn season, the rose garden is feeling the chill. So if you want to see hundreds of varieties of first class roses, make a point to visit the park soon.

The gentle slope of the Rose Garden is anchored by a wide trellis sitting on top a short stone wall. The trellis is adorned with climbing blossoms.

A gravel path circles the garden and provides guidance during a comfy stroll as you admire the beautiful landscape.

Large Pacific Northwest trees surround the garden and protect its contents from the wind and also make the garden a soft quiet environment.

Visit the Rose Hill Garden on top the hill at Manito Park for a pleasant leisurely stroll in the cool Autumn air.  
Jim Fallecraft 
Jim enjoys walking his dogs (on a leash of course) around Manito Park. 

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