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Spokane Gardening 

Information about Spokane Gardening and Manito Park Gardens. 

Manito Place Historic Drive - Homes at Manito Park 

Historic bungalow homes decorating the neighborhood around beautiful Manito Park. 

Manito Park Stone Bridge on Loop Drive at Manito. 

Loop drive in the center of Manito Park is home to a grand old bridge made of stone. 

Historic Homes Near Manito Park 

Craftsman, Bungalow and Beautiful historic homes near Manito Park. 


Manito Park History 

Manito Park is located on Spokane’s south hill and its five gardens, conservatory and duck pond are toured by over 150,000 visitors annually.  
manito park history, about manito park 


Manito Park History 

Manito Park History Information About Manito Park - Spokane Washington 
Manito Park was originally named, “Montrose Park” and to this day the primary garden showplace in Spokane.

Montrose Park was changed to Manito Park in 1903 and originally played host to a zoo among other family friendly activities. Manito means, “spirit of nature”.

There are 90 acres worth of immaculate flower beds, greenhouse overflows, perfumes of roses and lilacs, living creatures such as swans, geese and ducks and so much more.

The 90 acres worth of manicured lawns, flowers, topiary shrubs, greenhouse conservatory and playgrounds all overflow the perfumes of roses and lilacs in Spring.

You can also see a variety of ducks, geese and other fowl at the Manito Park Duck Pond.

Manito Park is located in the Spokane South Hill neighborhood and its five gardens, conservatory and duck pond are toured by over 150,000 visitors each year.

Manito Park also has a picturesque stone bridge, the Park Bench Café located near Manito Place historic drive and an upper and lower playground. is a free community service site intended to better the Manio community is Spokane Washington by promoting tourism and visitation of the park.

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