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 Recreation at Manito Park Spokane

Manito Park is a large many acre public park located in Spokane Washington and managed by the Parks and Recreation Department.

Manito Park boasts many attractions.

Manito Park Spokane Gardens

  • Rose Hill Garden
  • Duncan Garden
  • Japanese Garden
  • Perennial Garden
  • Lilac Garden

Admission to the various gardens is free.  Stop by and enjoy these beautiful Spokane Park garden attractions.


Duck Pond

The Spokane Park Duck Pond is located near the main entrance to Manito Park.  It has a small island in it as well as a seasonal water fountain.  Feeding the fowl at the duck pond is a controversial topic debated among locals and generally frowned upon. 



There are 2 children playgrounds.  The upper playground is larger and includes swings, slide and climbing structure.  The smaller child playground is located near the main entrance to Manito Park and has a play sand area with two small climbing structures.


Walking Paths

There are many paths twisting their way through Manito Park.  Ideal for walking, biking or jogging, we encourage you to explore and enjoy recreation on the many paths around Manito Park.


Stone Bridge

There is a regal looking stone bridge in the center of Manito Park at the intersection of Loop Drive near the Rose Garden.  This historic bridge is made of basalt stone and a nice place to stop when enjoying recreation at Manito Park.


Park Bench Cafe

The Park Bench Cafe is a nice spot to stop and enjoy a treat.  The cafe is open seasonally and has a variety of treats for the whole family.  The cafe is located just up from the duck pond, near the stone bridge and perennial garden at the intersection of Manito Place and Tekoa.


Picnic at Spokane Parks

There are many places to picnic around Manito Park in Spokane.  Select a nice spot under a shade tree, toss out a blanket and enjoy the great park setting with family and friends.  There is no charge to picnic at the picnic tables or on the grass in the park.  However, special reservations are needed to secure the picnic shelter.  Contact Spokane Parks and Recreation Department to reserve a shelter.  But if you just want a nice afternoon picnic with the family, any table or grassy area is free.


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See you at the Spokane Park!


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