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Manito Park Frequently Asked Questions

Manito Park is a beautiful place to visit in Spokane. Here is a list of frequently asked questions about Manito Park. Hopefully you will find the information helpful.

We want to help you enjoy your visit to Manito Park. Please browse through these links and learn about this Spokane park recreation opportunities.

Thanks for visiting and see you at the park!

Where Is Manito Park?

Manito Park is in Spokane Washington. Located in Eastern Washington only 30 miles from the Idaho border.  Spokane is one of the largest cities in Washington and an economic and cultural center for the region.  Click Here > for detailed directions to Manito Park and address information.


How Do I Make Event Reservations for Facilities at Manito Park?

Manito park is a great place for your event.  For more information about available facilities and making a reservation Click Here > .  After your event, be sure to return here and complete a Park Report telling us about your wonderful event!


How Much is Admission at Manito Park?

There is no charge to visit Manito Park.  Enjoy the vistas, wildlife and beautiful garden foliage from dawn to dusk any day.  Be respectful of the park and other visitors.


What are the Manito Park Greenhouse Hours?

Summer: 8AM - 7PM

Fall: 8AM - 5PM

Winter: 8AM - 330PM

Closed on all major holidays and occasionally at the random discretion of Greenhouse staff.


Can I Have My Wedding at Manito Park?

Facilitiy availability and reservations are managed through the Spokane Parks and Rec Department.  Click Here > for more information and contacts.  Say 'Hi' to Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson for us.



MANITO PARK Spokane Washington 


Visit the Beautiful Manito Park in Spokane Washington. 

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