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Manito Park History Blog

Get local information about events and happenings at Manito Park from the people who know it best - the local community.

Get helpful reports about park conditions, local weather, the park's newest enhancements, the status of flowering seasons.

Here at we want to bolster the Manito Park community and let others know about what's happening at the park. 

MANITO PARK - History Blog

New Manito Park "Factoids" to be added here soon 

Keep watching here on News Reports for a new and continuing series of interesting and little-known facts about Manito Park, its history and growth throughout the years since its inception.

The first article will appear within the next few days and will be updated with a new chapter weekly.

Amaze your friends and neighbors! Read these little stories and know more than they do about Spokane History, and particularly about Manito Park's development throughout the years. You'll be the hit of the next neighborhood barbecue!

We will be publishing a little teaser on our Facebook page, but the articles will be appearing on Be sure to pop in to our website and take a look.

The staff at ManitoPark.Org 


MANITO PARK Spokane Washington

Visit the Beautiful Manito Park in Spokane Washington.


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