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Frequently asked questions about Manito Park. 

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Driving directions to Manito Park Spokane Washington. 

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Local photographers share their favorite pictures of Manito Park in Spokane Washington. 

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Manito Park maps, attractions, gardens, and community information. 

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Manito Park Photos


Manito Park Photo Gallery 

Enjoy these amateur photographs of Manito Park in Spokane Washington. 
manito park photos, manito park pictures 

Manito Park's beauty inspires authors to write stories, gardeners to write bloom reports and photographers to take pictures. It is hard to resist the many opportunities around the park to take photos.

With a wide variety of foliage, blooms and buildings, Manito Park offers a grand array of photography opportunities. On any given weekend you can see anateurs taking snapshots with small cameras and phones, while professionals with tripods await the perfect light conditions to capture that ideal looking bloom.

One thing is for sure, Manito Park offers superb photo ops for photographers of all skill levels. Please enjoy these photographs. If you have any comments or questions about what you see here at don't hesitate to click the contact link and let us know what you think.

Thanks again and enjoy Manito Park. 


Local photographers, amateur and professional have submitted these pictures for enjoyment by the Manito Park community. 

Use the search function to locate pictures by keyword or just browse through the gallery below. 

If you would like to submit photos of Manito you have taken, premium members can submit pictures for display here.  Membership is free of charge, so join today.


Photo Gallery

Manito Park Pond
The pond at Manito Park in Spokane Washington. 

Manito Park Japanese Garden - Summer
Japanese garden at Manito Park, Spokane. 

Pine Trees and Sunlight at Manito Park
Beautiful sunlight through the tall pines at Manito Park. 

Reading Under The Manito Pines
Reader enjoying the filtered sunlight at Manito Park. 

Manito Park Photo
Photograph of Manito Park Spokane Washington. 

Picture of Manito Park
Picture taken at Manito Park, Spokane. 

Manito Park Bench Photograph
Manito Park Photography of a park bench in front of a noble fir. 

Manito Park Rose Garden Sun Dial
Rose Garden sun dial photo at Manito Park 

Manito Park Rose Garden Wall in Spring
Manito Park rose garden wall 


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